Cibelli Iniziative Immobiliari

Cibelli Iniziative Immobiliari was founded in 1997 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Giuseppe Cibelli, who deals with Brescia?s property market since 1973. The company is based on solid values and on a strict orientation to business.

Cibelli successfully faces the specific qualities of Brescia?s property market thanks to over thirty years of experience and offers, besides a profound knowledge of this market, a wide range of services either related directly to the asset or regarding the contractual conditions.

The good reputation as well as the reliability associated with the name Cibelli represent a precious heritage, which Cibelli was able to build up throughout the years thanks to an accurate care of its personal image, a competent service as well as a steady and constructive commitment, thus making his style unmistakable among the property market world.

Our staff is working in the residential, industrial, agricultural and in the tourist real estate sector.