Thanks to our long experience and to the professional competence of our team we are in the position to care for our customers during every stage of negotiation.

We follow the customer throughout the process of selling a property, from the preparation of marketing tools, to trading until the closing phase of the contract.

For proper negotiation of a property you require close collaboration with the customer who will have to provide all the documents and materials to achieve the result.

We guarantee a proper marketing of entire maximizing the result if the customer wants to proceed piecemeal sale of properties that lend themselves to this type of procedure.

We evaluate individual units and large estates with the help of our team of technical specialists with extensive experience.

Sources and collect information necessary and essential to the correct and successful commercialization of the goods.

Well aware of the needs of our customers, we arrange the exchange or partial of two or more goods to meet the needs of each.

We employ top professionals such as lawyers, notaries, accountants, to follow the customer in every phase of the sale, for a complete, with the maximum guarantee.

Starting from the need of the individual properties we track suit the desire of each.

Please complete our form as detailed as possible to encourage research.

We provide counseling in order to obtain the best conditions for each customer credit.

"Due diligence" describes the approach to the valuation of an asset the expert must have. In the real estate sector this concept is applied during the valuation of an asset. A precise control will be made in order to check if the asset is in conformity with all administrative, cadastral and urban regulations as well as with all building codes that are in force.

We identify possible deficiencies that need technical interventions or adaptations to norms and which for this could create costs that have to be taken into consideration during the global valuation of the asset.